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Two days International Conference on

Smart and Sustainable Technologies
for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure

29-30 September-2022, Nagpur

Virtual Conference

About the College and Department

Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur was established in 1984 with a mission to impart quality education in the field of engineering and management. It is NAAC Accredited (A+) ,Autonomous , ISO 9000:2015 Certified Institution. It is running twelve undergraduate engineering programs, seven post graduate programs, MCA, MBA and is a recognized place of research All the ranking agencies have ranked it consistently one of the best unaided private college in Maharashtra. Due to excellence in academic and transparent system of governance, Government of Maharashtra haspasseda bill to convert it into a self-financed university.

The department of civil engineering was established in 1984. It runs undergraduate and two postgraduate programs in Structural Engineering and Geotechnical Engineering. The undergraduate program is accredited five times by NBA and Post Graduate program in structural engineering is also accredited. It has well developed laboratories and experienced faculties which apart from quality teaching extend support to testing and consultancy to industries.

SSTDRI -2022

With the increasing unplanned urbanization, their impacts are increasing, which is primarily associated with poorly planned and unmanaged urban development, degradedecosystems, and poverty. Unplanned urbanization has been a challenge, increasing the vulnerability of cities to natural as well as man-made hazards. Disaster is an event or a series of events that give rise to casualties and damage or loss of properties, infrastructure, environment, essential services or means of livelihood on such a scale which is beyond the normal capacity of the affected community to cope with. Disaster is also a catastrophic sitation in which the normal pattern of life or eco-system has been disrupted and extraordinary emergency interventions are required to save and preserve lives and or the enivornment. Cities can become disaster resilient through multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approaches along with policy level intervention. It is always required tha the preparedness (rsilience) of the cities should be such that munimum time is taken in response, recovery and risk reduction measrues.

International Conference on "Smart and Sustainable Technologies for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure SSTDRI-2022" aims to raise the awareness of sustainability in every aspect of Infrastructure Development. The two days International Conference is planned to bring planners, researchers, academicians practicing engineers, policy makers, regulators, administrators, investors, legal & IT solution Providers and NGOs on a common platform to share and discuss thier experiences, technical advancement, constraints and other significant issues on sustainable infrastructure development.


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